Entry for Gamedev.tv Gam Jam 2022

The world is falling to pieces, people started dying all over. Before you wrap your head around it, a stranger took you into a far away place. Someone put a curse on the book life, causing deaths to come by much earlier than they should...

Play as Nathaniel as he tries to remove the curse from the Book of Life. As a descendent of Lazarus, you have the uncanny ability to come back to life with the help of the revitalizing lights. Move through both planes of existence and save all humanity from certain death!

P.S. Scope is way lower than planned, most content will likely come after the jam's voting period.


WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement

E/Left Shift - Spirit Ball (only in Spirit mode)


Coding/Art - me (https://github.com/msanatan/SonOfLazarus)

Fonts - Kenney (https://www.kenney.nl), Pixel Square


Main menu background music:

Game background music:

Development log


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Uploaded a fix for a game breaking bug in the 2nd stage