Working on the player

Hey everyone!

Yesterday didn’t go as planned, life happened. But I made some progress on the player, this time he’s animated.

I used Mixamo for the first time, and I’m really happy that it’s so easy to use (and free). I only had an issue when I imported them into Unity. Nothing was visible when I dragged them one of the animations with the model onto the scene. On a whim I tried increasing scale, and that worked. Not the end of the world, but wish I knew beforehand to save some time.

After that I got the player to run around in the scene, which was nice.

Next steps are creating the spirit version of the player, and making assets for the hazard and rejuvenation light. Once that’s OK, I’ll do the next level! By that time I’ll create a play build.

Just like my player, time to run :-)

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