Coming back to life!

Hi everyone!

I missed a day haha, I literally fell asleep for 12 hours on Friday. Felt great, no regrets :-). On Saturday, before the best football club in the world won their 14th UCL trophy, I did some more work.

I went down a path of humanoid rigging and setting up avatars to see if I can swap the player model out during run time to be a spirit version. That may be a bit more than I could chew… Came close but the animations when swapped weren’t working. While tinkering, I did a lot more damage than I could reasonable recover. So I went back a few git commits, dropped the model swapping feature and replaced it with a translucent white image in front the game. This is a good enough visual tell that you’re a spirit - should have done it from the start!

Once that ordeal was over, the revive light was fine. I made the levels a bit simpler to make - no walls, and re-added the door.

For the most part, I can crank out the remaining levels in about 12 hours. Not a lot of time for polishing, but doable. It’s coming together!

A new WebGL build was pushed out - give it a go and give me feedback!

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May 29, 2022

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