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Introducing Son of Lazarus. The theme is “Death is only the beginning”. Time permitting there’s a narrative element which uses that well. For now, I’m just getting the levels and game created.

I first tried an isomorphic perspective for the game, something I thought would work. Implementation wise, I didn’t like how it felt. So I switched to a more traditional 3rd person perspective. I’m a bit more familiar with that, so in theory I’ll get going more quickly.

Though the jam started Friday, I was out for most of that day and unavailable on Saturday as well. So this was my first jam day! The idea is to create a short puzzler where players switch from Ï”living” and “spirit” forms to solve problems. They’re trying to reach the Book of Life which is currently cursed, causing people to die all over the world.

Why is Nathaniel our chosen hero? Because he’s a descendent of Lazarus of course! Some descendents have the ability to return to the living plane after death. And to reach the Book of Life, the world needs you to be in both!

Today I set up set up the mechanics of switching between living and spirit worlds. Tomorrow I’m going to figure out the levels. Puzzles can be tricky to design, well I’m not the best at designing them. I’ll also work on the assets in the meantime, hopefully I can create something in time!

The last 2 days will be for polish. And that really means the Friday and then Sunday because it’s the Champions League final on Saturday #HalaMadrid. I’m looking to add dialogue then, and some moody music.

So that’s the plan! Today I uploaded a build of the prototype. Every day I plan to upload a new build. Wish me luck :-)

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May 23, 2022

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