New camera, an actual spike for an obstacle + player death animation

Hey everyone!

I got a few small things in today. First there’s a spike, instead of a placeholder danger cube. I’ll be using more of them in later levels, so why not get it out now. I still haven’t found a nice way to swap out this model with the ghost model, which I think is a fairly important visual cue. I also want to know how to do it, it’s not a big deal for 2D sprites. Worst case, I’ll just reduce the alpha of the player. Should be wrapped up tomorrow.

I played around with some settings and got a WebGL build that doesn’t suck performance wise, I’ll definitely try to keep that up. I like web builds, almost everyone can play. So it’s still getting the core mechanics in a place where new levels are more add ons that development. Of course, development never ends!

See you again tomorrow :-)

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May 27, 2022

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