Cuadrado just got booted up and has to undergo the mandatory robo-trials before he can be deployed to assist us humans in the real world. As you can imagine, the lab does its best to simulate the disasters and hardships Cuadrado will face outside. 

Can you help this little robot reach his goal before time runs out? Are you quick enough to collect the energy coins on your way to the goal?


  • D-PAD: Movement
  • Spacebar: Jump

This is my entry for the Game Jam! They don't have courses on Phaser, but I thought it's a good opportunity to brush up on it. If there's some room for growth here I'll probably flesh it out more with Godot.

You can find the source code here:

Made in the Caribbean with ♥

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, html5, phaser, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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Hello! I'm a junior and beginner in Phaser development. I created a game that was originally on the official Phaser webpage and uploaded it on itch. I saw your game and your devlog and was interestied with what you had  to say!I wanted to ask you if we could be partners in way. I'm asking you this because I could get valuable information on Phaser and Javascript from you while we do some kind of a project! We could communicate on discord! My discord username is: ItzKraBz21. We can create our own server and talk about our possible plans and share our codes! If you can accept than that would be really awesome! If not then it's alright! I'll still be following your devlogs and try your games and give you feedbacks! at the same time I'll try inplementing some of your features in my games! Thanks for reading this (if you did that is, it's really long lol). Have a great time coding! :)


My devlogs aren’t short, reading your comment is the least I can do haha. Thanks for checking out this game and I’m looking forward to your feedback when it’s done!

Between my day to day job and other activities, I don’t get a whole lot of time to game dev so I don’t want to make guarantees about my availability. And I’m no Phaser expert either! But hey, game dev is fun and I’m happy to share whenever I can.


I’d need your 4 digit Discord tag to connect, apparently there are a few of you around lol

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Thanks for responding! I myself am quite new to Phaser but learning together and doing projects together will surely make us both better! also,  I'm not gonna force you in anyway to join me on anything,I understand you probably are a busy man :)  but it sure would be fun to plan out games and try making on while you're free!
I'm free for the most part of the day since I don't have to attend college and we are all inside are homes during this pandemic.

Also, I decided to create a new Discord account. The tag: #2259.

I've created a dedicated server for us to hangout, if that's okay for you.

Becoming a Game dev is a dream of mine and I hopefully can become one!

Thank you for reading this and hopefully we both can be better in our parts and can be good friends as well!

Now I can’t find you at all haha. Send me the invite link if you don’t mind

lol. here's the link to the server:

Another thing I forgot to ask you was, where do get all your game assets form?

In this game I made them myself. There are a lot of free assets that can be used but I want to improve my pixel art. Practice makes perfect after all


Aesprite's really good but sadly you gotta pay for it and even tho it's open source I don't know to compile the code. Soo instead I downloaded a free software called 'Piskel'. It's pretty good too! I'm not that good at pixel art so I dont use it as much and get my assets from online.

Yea Piskel is fine, I’ve used quite a lot as well in the browser. But with Kenney and many others, there are a lot of assets available. Nothing wrong with using them :-)