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Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, you're playing as Ghostie who's trying to avoid bumping into pedestrians. Got to maintain a healthy social distance of course!

This is my first game for the Arduboy - and Arduino based handheld console! If you got one, you can upload the .hex file. If you don't, no problem! You can play it on this online emulator:



  • D-PAD: Movement
  • A/B - Pause (Z/X in online emulator)

Source Code

You can find the full source with all it's C++ glory here: https://github.com/msanatan/TheSocialDistanceGame

I also wrote a blog post reflecting on my experience here: https://msanatan.com/blog/2020/04/13/my-first-arduboy-game-the-social-distance-game

Be Safe!

While the basic premise came from the COVID-19 pandemic, this game is in no way trying to make slight of the situation. Practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly + maintain good hygiene. The sooner you play your part, the sooner we overcome. Please be safe out there!

Made in the Caribbean with ♥

Install instructions

If you can an Arduboy, or compatible Arduino handheld, download the file and use one of these uploaders to play the game: https://arduboy.com/upload-games/.

If you don't own an Arduboy, the best way to play is with the link in the description:



thesocialdistancegame_v1.1.0.hex 35 kB

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