Surrounded, outnumbered, limited power to fend off attacks. You divert all your power to the weapons systems - how good is your shot in the dark? 

Guide your missile to take out as much enemies as you can!


WASD/Arrow keys - move player within bounding circle

Mouse - aim player/guide missile

Left click - fire missile

G key - toggle glow effect (for performance)

Slow Performance?

Try disabling the Glow effect by pressing the G key during the game.

We've mostly developed and tested this game with Google Chrome, and encourage you to use it. We've had instances where the game ran at < 10 FPS per seconds. Try enabling these two settings in your browser:

1.  Enable hardware acceleration in settings. In chrome://settings/ , ensure "Use hardware acceleration when available" is turned on.

2. Use multiple GPU threads. In  chrome://flags/, enable the "Enables Display Compositor to use a new gpu thread" flag.



hsaka, gameboymarcus


Kenney's Simple Space -


Title screen - Eon - Ambient Sci Fi Music

Main screen


Player shot

UI select - StudioAlivioGlobal - Interface

Enemy shot - tutarap - Blaster 2


Power up - Kenney, Digital Audio 

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date 8 days ago
Authorsgameboymarcus, Hsaka
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Arcade, caribbean, Casual, Short, Singleplayer, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


ShootIntoTheVoid.exe 61 MB

Development log


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First of, I really liked the game. It’s core idea and its execution. Although this is one of the games that could use some extra tweaks to make it more enjoyable by an average player.

I recorded my gameplay experience:

The things I like:

  • The turn based nature of the game is neat. I like that you’re actually fighting the spaceships in space. If you don’t eliminate them, you’ll be attacked by every surviving vessel.

  • I was surprised to see more than a couple of different bonuses. They seem to be useful too. Some of them more useful than other, but that’s to be expected.

  • The game menu looks great. I like the style.

  • The highscores is a nice touch too.

  • This game has a high replayability. Different runs feel different. This can probably get even better with updated, post-jam release. I’m looking forward to it.

The major thing that made me uncomfortable is: the asteroids. They are many, they’re fast, they’re hard to memorize (because you’re already trying to memorize several objects on the screen). I think that something needs to be done about it. There are many ways to approach that (on of them is to say that it’s an intended difficulty level, etc.)

Perhaps there are 2 main ways to handle that:

  1. Give the player some more tools to avoid or handle them.

  2. Make them less dangerous.

I’ll take the idea that the games should maximize the player positive experience even at the cost of giving a little bit more forgiving than they could be. The challenge could be a positive experience, but only if you feel like you’re overcoming using your skills. Right now it’s really hard to play around the asteroids. At least in my opinion.

Here is a mixed bag of my thoughts in that regard:

  • Make the orbits differently colored, so player knows which orbit is dangerous.

  • Make it impossible to shot right into the asteroid; sometimes it’s easy to mess with timings. I think 0.3 secs of invulnerability wouldn’t hurt much.

  • Keep the asteroids visible during the shot; you’ll still need to fly around them; or, as a compromize, detect the asteroid outline at some relatively small radius around the projectile

  • Make them decrease the lifespan (~hp) of the bullet instead of instantly destroying it

  • Spawn less asteroids per level (I think I saw levels with 5-6 asteroids, that’s a lot)

  • Decrease their speed; or maybe make all of them fly with constant speed; in other words: make them more predictable (so it’s easier to memorize the pattern for the level)

  • Destroy the asteroid when it collides with a bullet; this way, the first wave of the enemy shots will decrease the number of asteroids, making the 2-3 turns easier for the player (although you’ll not get any extra cover too after that)

There could be more ideas. Maybe some of them could be combined. It may be also possible to implement some of them as a part of the difficulty level.

Good luck with this game! I think it has the potential.

really interesting concept, love the idea of shooting in the dark, one thing i noticed is that there is a delay before the player can move the ship between each round was that intentional?

Thanks for playing so early! And yes, that’s intentional. It’s the enemies turn


cool once I took that into consideration I could pass the level

It’s been submitted for the jam, have a go now


Saw the notification, had to jump on it,

I have to say, the mechanic of the homing projectile was great.

The gameplay itself was nothing of my expectations...

I hope this is just a draft and not the final game

Of course it isn’t haha, we’re not evil. The game jam is finishing this month! The plan is to get some feedback throughout. We’re also writing devlogs, that’s why it’s public! Stay tuned though, lots is coming your way.

Well, we’ve submitted it for the jam. Have a try now :-)