Hyper Match 1.0.0

Hey everyone!

This Devtober I took a chance to learn a lot of different things on web game programming. I kicked it off by wrapping up a project to learn Pixi.js. I did some small Phaser tutorials to go over some basic concepts.

However, the best way to reinforce things we learn is to make something yourself - that’s how Hyper Match was born!


It’s a really simple, casual game. You have a grid of rectangles with colours that you can select. Balls of various colours will drop from the top and collide with your grid. You get points when you match the colours, and you lose when there’s a mismatch. This wasn’t an original idea, it’s pretty much a variation of this Godot tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvN5Z3tTxXEB6U8rXN7_s-0cXQpwkrE_P.

My development journey

While I didn’t have a dev log on itch.io, I did have infrequent updates on Twitter! Here are some of my posts to give you a better idea of where I started and the progress I made:

  1. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1313676017324756993 - October 6th
  2. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1315104734685155328 - October 10th
  3. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1315496145074806784 - October 11th
  4. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1316204238473748481 - October 13th
  5. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1317060516867616770 - October 16th
  6. https://twitter.com/marcussanatan/status/1319471109029310464 - October 22nd

What went well?

Although this game is simple, I still learned a lot of new things with Phaser. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Loading fonts with FontLoader (the best method I’ve used thus far, thank you TypeScript)
  • Removing event listeners when switching scenes - this quirky bug caught me off guard
  • Camera effects to give it a slick, mobile app feel
  • Using scenes for awesome game pausing

I’ll be writing a couple of blog posts for some of the things I learned on my blog.

Pain points

The game was pretty much over in 5 - 7 days part time work. Most of my time was spent polishing it. Ensuring the shapes are neat, setting up the game menus, the right font and colours, etc. Even though it’s not a visual marvel, I didn’t want it to feel unfinished. Luckily what I’ve learnt will definitely go into speeding up the process in the future!

Looking forward

Got some user feedback to adjust some speeds, and there’s a bug in the settings to fix. That last update should wrap up this project, and I’ll be moving on to the next one!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and helped out! Special thanks to my loving girlfriend, who rightfully wonders why I keep coding after a day of coding in my job, but gives me patience and positive energy all the same.


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Oct 26, 2020

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