V2 is out!

Hey everyone!

The first version of Approximately was created in Phaser in 2019. I was still pretty junior to software development, game and non-game related. I thought I’d give the concept a re-think with Godot!

The theme for the original game was growth and I still wanted to incorporate that theme in this version. While I was kicking off this project, I was also ordering gifts for my godchild’s upcoming birthday. I figured I’ll just make a game for them!

Approximately is now all about practicing arithmetic. Games tend to make these activities a bit more fun, I hope! Every player has one minute to answer a never ending series of questions. At the end, you’ll see how well you did with some words of encouragement!

So how did I use the theme of growth? There’s a noticeable circle in the center of the screen. As you get things wrong it gets larger and larger, until an animation makes it fill the entire screen and then shows the game over screen. Nothing dramatic or core to the gameplay, but it’s a clean transition.

I had fun making this, it was a pretty light project and it’s cool to make a game for someone I love.

I hope you enjoy it too, and happy game deving!


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Version 2.0.0 Feb 20, 2022

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